There are currently two completely amazing installations at the Art Gallery of New South Wales by Tatzu Nishi. The Japanese artist totally transformed two gigantic bronze statues that sit outside the gallery and has transported these very formal and romantic sculptures into everyday contexts completely reinterpreting them.
He essentially built rooms around them, but i promise it is more amazing than it sounds.
Here are some pictures i found on the AGNSW Flicker account.

The first room has the head of the horseman on the coffee table as well as the horse's head hidden in the TV cupboard. You can't help but smile, if not laugh out loud by the absurdity of openning the cupboard to find this gigantic head staring back out at you.

This room was my favourite. The juxtaposition in scale between the furniture and the horseman who looks like he's going to war, but is perfectly positioned mounting the bed, is superb!

The other exhibition on at the moment at AGNSW is a retrospective of Rupert Bunny's works. It covers everything from his first works at art school in Melbourne to works he completed upon return to australia after livng out most of his life in Paris, where he won numerous accolades and was accepted into the most prominent art circles of the period. Not only is his technique flawless, but his subject matter is delightful, especially his portraits. Capturing the most stunningly styled French ladies lazing through summer afternoons in layers of fluffy white fabrics, mermaids and idealised youths, suave dandies, and, my favorites, his self-portraits, many of which are with cigarette in hand. They really are just perfect, and you just have to flick though my gallery to see I hold an idealised view of well dressed people smoking. (there are swans, roses and kittens too!)


  1. both look/sound amazing. just love the first concept, so amazing! i need to see more!
    i wish we had great exhibitions like this here.!

  2. i'm sure they do!
    you just have to go hunting!