I've been a little dry on meaty content lately , but there are somethings that I just can't get out of my head. This post of pictures is kind of my brain vomiting for a little bit.

Viridi Anne unfinished coat.
I remember someone once getting criticised by a fashion "expert" on one of those design shows once, because they made a mens coat that flared out. the comment was that mens coats should taper and flaring is feminine.
I on the other hand always look for a flare in my coats :P

Yohji Yamamoto for Hermes.
I thought i was very much over satchels at least 2 years ago.
Then I saw these, and realised if I never own one I will die unhappy.
(though these were made a year or two ago....so i'll just have to sacrifice a limb to the eBay gods...or something)

Yohji Yamamoto gigantic tartan cape/wrap/blanket/LOVE!
I just feel like there has never been a better time to wrap yourself up in excess fabric. Even Dame Viv is doing it!

Maison Martin Margiela.
A label so seamlessly slathering pure white over every area of design is worthy of nothing but the utmost respect...even with Le Monsieur removing himself the euation, they still seem to be purifying.

Rick Owens
Not only are his clothes some of the most forward thinking and integratable, incorporating easy fabrics with interesting cuts and proportions, but the man himself is just as, if not, more intriguing!
His few interviews on YouTube have left me hungry to know more. Referencing afternoon naps as "little suicides", enjoying his self-induced isolation and joking about crack-pipes....what's not to love?

Girly headwear for boys.
Why should girls have all the fun?

Lanphear arms.
I'm sure this is terribly passe of me...but whatever. I cannot help but imagine how wonderful it would be to be all proper, bow tie and tails with spike laden wrists.
(the idea of wearing Hermes cuffs next to, shall we say, less sophisticated studded wrist wear, is no less than delicious!)

Daul Kim

(enough for now)


  1. your brain vomits are the best. absolutely flawless taste my dear.
    agree majorly with the coats, lovee the silhouette of slightly flaring coat over skinny legs.
    hermes for all! so luxurious. the ultimate must have brand for anyone who cares about themselves at all! ahah, find the satchel if it kills you. ahhahah.
    everything else, so agree. would comment on everything but i should get back to work! :P soo much goodness. i love posts like this. more please!!!!
    when you feel better again, come say hi!

  2. thankz deeee!
    i have done 3 drawings for you.
    i think i'll do 3 more.
    and i'm about a third of the way through the alphabet.