H E L P !

I want to invest in some classic boots, but am having trouble deciding (assuming once I finally make my choice they will still be available)

Ann Demeulemeester lace up boots.
Quite classic and i like the super long laces that wrap around the ankle and ankle strap. Edgy details, but still really subtle.
Concern: May not be comfortable enough for everyday/ lots of walking...?

Ann Demeulemeester Riding boots.
They come in slight variations in finish.
I like the black though.
Concern: a little too leather daddy.

Vivienne Westwood Pirate Boots.
these are amazing and a complete Westwood Classic, and you can fold the top bit in lots of different ways and have the straps all different and stuff too.
However, I talked about them so much that I'm worried people think they'll suit me becuase I spent so long rambling about them.
Concern: they're a little too . Also possibly a little too feminine?

I'd love to hear your opinions...


  1. I have said this before but my vote goes to Westwood, MAKE TE RIGHT CHOICE! I recently just made two purchases from Westwood and I must say, impressed, inlove, involved.
    So I may be a bit biased but from your concerns, I think Westwood has the best one to be least worried about because I don't think they look very feminine, I think they could be either depending how you wear them. Sorry about this rantish comment, I just received my shoes in the post therefore I am very hyper about loving up Viv!

    P.S I just noticed you have my link on the side "Tsumaranai" thank you by the way unfortunately it is a dead link, I changed the url of my blog, might want to remove it.

  2. If I had to choose one pair it will be the Ann Demeulemeester ones. I love them! You will get used to walk with them. And if you want them for everyday life you probably will want to purchase something more wearable than not. Just my opinion. Good luck!

  3. I'll change the link, eep. sorry.
    Ive ALWAYS wanted Westwood, so i think it would be really fun, and i'm yet to hear anyone disappointed with a Westwood purchase. What did you get?

    Juan, I think i'll have to actually decide when i see them in person...i kind of like some Margiela ones too. But yeah, they are a bit more classic.

  4. No worries I just thought it was a waste having a dead link there.

    I got these babies;
    BUTBUTBUT in this colour; (It's really hard to find the exact picture of them on the web)

    and these, yes in gold :D

    Not to sound weird but they smell really nice too, the first pair smell like strawberries or something, I think it's to do with the material they are made out of. It's a nice touch.

  5. ooOOOoo!
    they're both so beautiful!
    a friend of mine just got the Pegasus ones but in grey. they really are fantastic.
    and yes, i know Melissa shoes smell like bubblegum! ahaha! i spent like an hour smelling them once in a fancy store here much to the discontent of various shop assistants. :P