I am not sure if i have raved on about the boots of Ann Demeulemeester's creation for this upcoming (Northern Hemisphere) Fall/Winter...but I'm going to do it again if i have already....
FINALLY MEN'S KNEE HIGH RIDING BOOTS (again)....and it looks like she is done with the wedge sole too! (THANK GOD!)

Anyway, i love how the Ann D boys always walk all Bambi like. I feel like i would love me if i had some of her boots and walked like that. {have to work out how to rid myself of some leg meat though....maybe if i just stop eating Nutella (Satan's temptation) out of the jar.}

Oh, AND i'm having a Pati Smith moment (for the first time)

Watch the video! (Please)

Here are the boots again. In case you missed them in the video!

AH! I looked away, and when i looked back, they were even better than before!

In other Ann news, the Ann cuff i bought is finally making sense and getting used.

The 3m Ann belt I am still having trouble with.

Ann does great accessories.

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