I finally decided.
They finally arrived.

(not flattering)

Sorry to get all typical blogger on you posting outfit posts or whatever, but I guess i was hoping that this would be a little more informative than self-indulgent.
When my pirate boots arrived, i was totally overwhelmed and really unsure of how I could wear them, but after playing with them for a little while (and searching the internet a lot) I find them to be a really versatile shoe.
One of my biggest concerns was that they would be too outrageous to wear in many situations. I soon doused these fears when I threw my suit trousers over them and found they bear a resemblance to the Dries Van Noten buckle shoes from SS10.

I expected them to look good with skinny jeans/pants/trousers, as this is how they are most often seen styled all over the internet.
Below is my man version tribute to Ms Stefani in the What You Waiting For video, with her bondage boots and khaki pants.(J'LOVE GWEN!)

I was terribly surpried that they looked good with fuller legged trousers too.

Which is how a lot of the effortlessly cool Japanese boys had been styling them on street style blogs around the place.

To give you some idea of how they fit etc, i wear a UK 9 in Dr Martens and i got a UK 9 in these too, and they fit perfectly. The height of the boot is about that of 10 hole Dr Martens too.

Another concern of mine was that they were too light looking and I like to have something heavy at the base of my silhouette (an ode to Pugh, if you will). It turns out that with all the hardware down the sides of the boots and the volume they get when crumpled down, they actually end up giving an overall silhouette very similar to the Dr Martens I have worn religiously over the past few years.

p.s. I have flower socks too! (this bit's totally self-indulgent...okay, wait, the whole post was. Sorry.)


  1. Jealous!!! Those look awesome, I would wear them all the time.


  2. I love how they look with the suit trousers. Really great purchase!

  3. they loook sooooo good! i love how suble they look with the suit trousers over, i never ever would have thought of that as a way to style them!
    yay! im really glad you decide to get them!

  4. They are fabulous, I'm excited for you. You are right, they look effortlessly good.
    Glad you made the purchase!

  5. mm, im a girl and you made me want those boots too. self indulgence is what blogs are for no? ;) even posting art is a form of self indulgence, i think! hehehe

  6. thanks for all the love. :D

    Nataliette, you're totally right, the concept of a blog is entirely self-indulgent.

  7. Just got your blog from TFS because of your illustration (which i inmediately fell in love with) and I really like it. I'll stop by here more often.

  8. Thanks Jesuz.
    I'm hoping to be a bit more frequent with posts etc.