D I L E M M A ( R A N T )

Lately, I have been less than impressed with the "service" provided with the service provided by supposed "high end" labels. They have left me feeling a little jaded and wondering if it is even worth investing my money in the products they produce.

Case 1. My beautiful Burberry Prorsum watch which i lovingly wore on my wrist for 2 weeks until it was completely broken. Burberry staff kindly agreed to submit it for repair. TWO MONTHS LATER, and with multiple for my phone calls from myself to try and figure out where my watch was, i was told that there were only 5 watches of the kind in Australia, and that no repair parts were made for the watches therefore, it could not be fixed and i could come into store and chose one of the other (Tag Heur ripoff) watches, or discuss the situation with the manager. A few days later, i was begrudgingly returned my money without an apology, or any attempt to see if the parts could be sourced from overseas, or another watch got in for me. I really felt that I was being treated with contempt because I was young and not threatening looking.

Case 2. A few weekends ago, I, along woth a friend, and some $2000 in my pocket was ready to purchase some lovely studded brogues from the Prada Store. I had called the day before to check price and size availability and was assured they were in stock in two varieties. When i went in store, a rather arrogant salesman asked if he could help. When I inquired about the shoes, he asked what size and disappeared around a corner for all of a heartbeat and returned saying that they were out. oh really?
He suggested i return at a later date. Then when i asked to be notified of their arrival, he scrawled my first name only and number on a card, not even noting the items i was interested, clearly indicating that the paper was to be safely stored in the nearest Prada trashcan.

While i do not believe this is the case with all stores, it really appauls me that even when you are willing to drop all your hard earned cash on a single item, someone can be so judgemental and virtually prevent you from making your desired purchase.

This is not always the case however. Last year in Tokyo, the ladies at the Ann Demeulemeester store in Omotesando Hills were possibly the friendliest and most helpful sale people ever.
I think that some of the sales clerks, in Australia at least, need to realise they are just that, slaes people, and their sour attitudes are going to bring them nothing but a slap in the face, on the day that i've had just about enough.


  1. That is horrible! I would have caused a scene no doubt. I do hope you get what you want.

  2. you know im ready to go in and slap some bitches up on my return, especially the prada bitch!
    then lets relocate to japan!

  3. I think the Prada studded shoes had sold out everywhere by the date of your post, but no excuse for the staff to be rude.

    Prada staff are usually a bit awful in general.. in London we have 3 proper Prada shops and 2 mini Prada stores within department stores. I only go to the department store ones now because the staff are really nice there (department stores won't tolerate any of their special 'designer attitude'), but in the proper stores it's awful: went in wearing said studded shoes and was still looked at like a piece of dirt; was under-charged on another occasion then treated very rudely when I told THEM!

    You can always use the immortal line from an old Absolutely Fabulous episode "you only work in a shop, you know, you can drop the attitude"!

  4. Lana, thanks.
    Dee, i'm currently plotting my ermanent decent on Japan.

    Hapsical, i think they have too, i waited a (long) while before i posted though...i was too furious to write anything straight away.
    They're quite ridiculous people really. It's just really unpleasant. Unfortunately we only have one Prada Ministore in Australia, and it only stocks ladies handbags :P
    It's good that you got the things you wanted though (and may i add, you style them very well)

    Absolutely Fabulous has so many of life's answers in it. Ahaha.