C R I P P L E C R O W (N)

Lately, all I can think about day and night is the Givenchy studded headband.
Day and night. Even when my boss talks to me, it's always on my mind.
it's even all I can draw.
Now, those of us that currently have or once have had side fringe know sometimes it gets a little annoying, and a headband would be a functional device, so why not get one that looks amazing?
All this aside, I am struggling to imagine an event (apart from a MisShapes party if, that is, they ever follow the yellow brick road again) that is would be approriate for a boy to wear such a stunning headpiece.
For the moment, I think it's a dream that will only be fulfilled between the leather covers of my Moleskine.
Heaven forbid, I should ever stumble across one, or it shall instantly be added to my collection of things to display proudly upon my shelf (read "head").


  1. I think if you can afford one headband like that you will find an event to pull it out. I say you should give it a try and wear it no matter what.

  2. Fantastic! Methinks it would be a wise choice.

  3. everywhere is an event to wear it! to the supermarket, or starbucks, or party-pants party! EVERYWHERE!
    get it! ahah!