Recent Purchases

Acne Hex Cash jeans.
You cannot get me out of them!
They're slim.... but not denim legging slim.
And they are wearing beautifully.
They're double dyed, so where the get the most wear gets a subtle sheen.
They have also stretched out a good size.

I managed to score the Christopher Bailey Burberry Prorsum watch for half price at the Burberry store in Sydney. It's quite beautiful, i think. The strap is long enough to fit around my waist, and you can tangle your wrist in it in a multitude of ways. The leaher is also really slightly metallic, which adds a little extra pizazz.
The face of the watch is exactly what i have ben looking for for wuite a while. I think it looks like the dial off a WWI fighter plane....non?
(p.s. hope you are enjoying my hand modeling.)

Of course I've also indulged in some where else can you find such a wealth of inspirational images, chesively bound into a singularly themed issue.
First, Arean Homme Plus: my first time buying this magazine. I bought it for a singular image, to be honest, the one of the three boys in capes and Givenchy.
The magazine as a whole however has quite a loud and brash layout that makes me a bit unconfortable.
next, the lovely Dee Humidifier of You Got Good Taste sent me some NZ magic. First is Black, which is now also sold in Oz. It's kind of i-D like. With a cover like that you know it's good.
Secondly, and my personal favourite, Pilot. I'm honestly considering subscribing to this magazine. This was the Architectue vs Fashion issue. A topic that fuels my everyday life. The editorrials are also exceptionally beautiful. If i had to make a comparisson, i'd say this magazine was most liek WOUND from the UK. It takes a theoretical look at art/fashion/architecture and how they all coexist inhabiting a communal sphere of lush inspiration.
Finally, the little green book is the program/catalogue from the SANAA Exhibition currently on show on Goodhope Street in Paddington. One of the most beuatiful and surreal explorations of space i have ever had the pleasure of experiencing..but that will all get its own post.

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  1. im so in love with your watch!!! i love wrappy wrist accessories! and you know what, it will look amazing with pirate boots ;) ;) ;)
    definately enjoying the hand posing! it helps that you have very nice hands of course!

    oooh arena homme plus, i always wanted to buy that, but its always sealed in shops here! so im too unsure to buy..
    i recently bought Man About Town and 10Men, both of which im totally loving. the design and layout of these mags is so much more sophisticated that most. Man About Town i would liken to Pilot or Wound, so i think you would like it if you dont already! (also the content is excellent!)