I'm not sure if you caught wind of the recent hype over the downloadable game for PS3 called Flower?
it one a bunch of awards and got a lot of publicity in magazines like Monocle for being quite innovative.
Now, i grew up playing video games (i have many fond Memories of the SNES and original GameBoy) but unfortunately these days, i don't get around to playing them as much as i used to.
However, i insisted, yesterday that my brother download this game for me.
And boy am i glad i did.
Essentially, you are the wind, and you tilt the controller forwards, backwards and side to side to blow around plains and valleys to collect as many flower petals as you can which eventuates in areas of the landscape coming back to life.
It's really dreamy and relaxing, and surprisingly addictive.
The graphics are really beautiful and the petals you collect make a trail in the wind behind you so you can do all kinds f swirly acrobatics and see them fluttering about.
watch and learn:

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  1. it looks so relaxing! i feel like having a nap in long grass now..