2 7 C L U B

I keep coming back to these 2 dudes on The Street Peeper (on which i believe i have THE most awkward phot ever taken).

I really love their looks.

I always feel an urge to reinvent, reinvest and reconfigure my aesthetic each semester.
This semester I started by making my own EYEpad (moleskine bedazzled with googly eyes):

I also bought some of those really awkward cropped trousers from Balenciaga SS11 which were too big. So i'm getting the right size (mail backs are so complex when you live so far away!!!!)

My lovely Docs are finally holey soled, and while i know they're totally played out now and it's massively cliched to have them, they're just so easy and go with everything, so i'll probably get another pair.....kind of digging the white ones though too....is it okay to buy a black AND a white pair?

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