R I G H T T H E R E !

saving time.
(not as in being efficient, as in time to stop spending)
need to knock things off my (semi-realistic) wish list, including:


Limi Fes SS11 cropped, oversized trousers.
NO ONLINE STOCKISTS of SS11 yet! and Assin still stocking things from SS and FW 10...?


Fat Margiela sneakers. (they'll probably not be out of stock everywhere once i get it together...but i just want gum sole Margiela sneaks...or maybe i'll get something big and gross liek some DBSS? feel like Ricks are done. Pretty fond of classic velcro Rafs too.....and these YSL sneaks are cool too, feel like an uber-luxe take on Vans high tops. Then again, Van Assche does interesting things too. I am just going to say new sneakers! There!)


Vintage Demeulemeester tshirts.
particularly this moon one. and the Heaven one. Tanks or tees.
They are ever so lovely!
This one's from FW 03 (i think)

4. I really need a trench coat. This is for practicality reasons, not just aesthetic ones. i'm sick of being soggy and smelling like wool every time it rains.
I want Margiela or vintage Dior Homme (Slimane era). please. Thank you.

p.s. a friend uploaded this pic from a party thing at the beginning of the year. i look really ill.

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