Browsing Yvan Rodic's blog this morning, I stumbled upon this boy he shot in New York.
Kind of obsessed, to say the least.
and I like that he is otherwise styled in quite a masculine way, apart from the sunglasses and hair colour...but then the juxtaposition of stubble as well, is just great! (he also has nice skin and a great nose!)

"It is not possible for a man to be elegant without a touch of femininity."
- Vivienne Westwood
(not that I'd say this boy looks particularly elegant...this quote always comes to mind when i'm thinking of masculinity vs femininity...and it's NEVER wrong to quote the Dame!)

In other good hair news, Charlotte Free has a delightful shade of pink running through her mop. (how perfectly "now" of me to be discussing Ms. Free!)

I have always had a soft spot for softer shades of pink, around the Butt Magazine end of the spectrum, but it's just not something i like in my clothes....so maybe i should start wearing it upon my head?

My digital design research studio from last semester was even presented in a wide scale of these shades to help evoke the mood of fleshy tumours and medical imaging of sectioned body parts.

another contributing factor to this powdery pink post is all the lovely pastel coloured foods that help me escape from the monotony of my daily reality.

(N.B. no pink soda...it makes me vomit. LITERALLY!)

I suppose the colour craving was intensified last week after seeing Joanna Newsom perform at Angel Place Recital Hall here in Sydney. She plays here almost on an anual basis, and i have been fortunate enough to witness her live performances each time, and been subsequently blown away after each performance. She is truly transcendent. Anyway, the point is, she is also SERIOUSLY stylish. The first time I saw her play, she played the harp and sang away wearing sporting a very impressive pair of swirly violet platforms, of which the detailing was Art Deco inspired enough to lead me to believe they were potentially Galliano.
At last week's show, she wore a dress with a pleated bottom in the a perfectly semi-sheer, pastelly pink, almost nude, colour. It was worn with such ease that it could have come from one of the recent Valentino collections. (I am loving what Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli are doing there!)

I cannot talk about these soft colours, of course, without referencing the amazing Mikimoto Pearls building in Ginza, Tokyo by Toyo Ito. With openings that look like they could be taken from a house in Bedrock, the huge tower stands proudly on a street corner in the upmarket district renowned for it's iconic designer boutiques (another architectural highlight for me here is Louis Vuitton which capitalises on the light transmitting properties of various stones and marbles). The colour here is makes the building feel as crisp as if it were white, while being less literal. It's quite genius for Ito to have chosen a colour that appears in the colour spectrum observed on a pearl while it glistens as only pearls do, rather than being so literal as to paint it "pearl".

It seems these pencils will be left on my desk when i go to bed each night until at least the week's end.

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