I like to think about how ideas from womenswear may eventually filter through to menswear. After getting dressed this morning, I immediately remembered the Rodarte SS11 skirt layering.

Speaking of Rodarte, i kind of want to buy this to hang on my wall.

It feels like a parody of the ideas i was having in Digital Research Studio, about the ultimate product of a culmination of architecture and fashion being furniture....but here they've made the clothing appear in a fabric that mimics wood, often used to make the rooms around us and furniture in them.
It also reminds me of the Yohji "unwearable" wooden dresses....I wonder if the Mulleavy sisters were also questioning the role of expensive designer clothes in a time of global financial decay, as Yohji was in 91/92?

...or maybe they're just having fun with photo-realistic textile prints like the rest of the world? :P

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