I feel like a need a post with more meat in it...but i have nothing intelligent to say at the moment, so instead I will condense three posts worth of brief ramblings into a singular chunk to try and convince you I am educated to an advanced level and not purely superficial.

I am super obsessed with these shoes. I need them!
but noone seems to be stocking these, just the black skull lace ups, or the really ugly coppery-gold snake skin plimsolls (WHY DID THIS HAPPEN? SO UGLY!)
Hopefully the gold slip ons will ship to stores a little later in the season and i can make them mine.

Dossier Journal made a video with Andrej Pejic (amazing!) that I found on The Fashinisto today. I like it best when Andrej is just being a really pretty boy (and all the pants they put him in for the video are so excellent!)

Andrej Pejic for Dossier Journal from andrew kuykendall on Vimeo.

I was lucky enough to recieve a subscription to *Wallpaper from my brother for christmas last year. I am always pleasantly surprised by how forward their editorials are. Last month's was particularly excellent. it is the first instance i have seen those Rick Owens knee high boots used in an editorial too!

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