W H O ' S T H A T G I R L ?

It's kind of weird, but i think about these two portraits and how similar they are on a daily basis.

Some brand in Sydney has started producing images with this Andrej Pejic picture above on it as a print...It kind of annoys me though that the majority of buyers are/will be oblivious to the fact he is actually a boy and the social standards of gender that he and the fashion industry (or at least some of its key players) are trying to challenge at the moment.

The latest issue of LOVE magazine is entirely devoted to androgyny as a concept and has an in depth interview with Givenchy headman, Riccaro Tisci's, ex-assistant, fit model and current muse and face of Givenchy, trans-gender model Lea T. It was a surprisingly riveting read to be honest. Check it out if you can get past the back cover being Justin Beiber.

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