The highlight of my trip to Singapore with my dear brother, was our visit to a little restaurant on Armenian Street called Fifty-Three.
The chef studied under Heston Blumenthal, pioneer of molecular gastronomy, so naturally we booked the restaurant with high expectations.
Needless to say they were met, if not exceeded. The presentation of a garden pot with edible dirt had me in tears, i was laughing so much. The food was amazing, and presented with an honest sense of humour which was nothing short of utterly charming, while maintaining a beautiful sense of sophistication.

Pot Garden. Everything was edible including dirst which clung to the vegetables.

Raw prawns with Osaka red seaweed and something like venus oyster liquid (it sounded magic)

Slow roatsed poatatoes on a rock with dirt and parmesan cream swirls.

These wee cherry stones over which they poured a liquid which made smoke go over our whole table and smelt like a forest. ( i foolishly asked if we could eat the seeds and was subsequently mocked...which did not help the giggles which i caught earlier in the night)

Chocolate mousse tree with dirt and pretty little flowers and super baby mushrooms.

Beetroot thing with apple grnola and assorted pretty decorations.

Gin and Tonic Jelly presented on a rock.
There were 2, but my brother is a wild boozer and could not wait until after the photo to eat his.
You hold this on your tongue and the flavour gets more intense, then once you're satisfied, you just chew it up and swallow.

This is not everything that was given, just a selection. I forgot to take photos of some like lobster tail with duck tongue and pork belly and the appetizers...but this restaurant is really worth an extended stop over in Singapore. The most fun i have had at a restaurant for a verrryyyy long time.

The decor was beautifully clean and modern. Barely there glasses to perfectly balanced cutlery. The whole experience felt really special by the size of the eatery too (only 6-8 tables). Seeing one of the chefs running out to the garden to pick more herbs and produce on our way back to the hotel only made the whole experience even more charming.

P.S. thanks to the waitress who assured me laughing out loud was permitted in the restaurant.