I love boots!
I pretty much exclusively wear either boots or high tops everyday.
A pair of sturdy 8 hole Dr Martens have been my go to for the last 3-4 years.
From numerous memorable gis, to playing in Kiev's first snows of the winter and stomping down Omotesando Dori with imaginary runway music blasting in my brain, they always provided comfort and the look i wanted.
Now, however i am at a cross road. Seeing as all the stomping has worn them to a level i now feel leaves them in a state in which i can no long tuck the trousers of my Dolce suit into and wear to a cocktail event to show all the mofos what's up, do i simply replace my beloved Docs with a new pair? Or upgrade to something a little more "FASHION"?
I do love the history behind the Dr. Martens brand and the subcultures that have gravitated towards the brand are a constant source of aesthetic inspiration, BUT there are tempting variations by other designers.
One thing that has struck me though, since boots have become a popular item on the runways and streets alike, is how derivative of Dr, Martens a lot of the higher fashion varieties are. This alone has left me questioning whether blowing $1500 on a pair of boots is worth it when i could evoke the exact same aesthetic for a fraction of the price, and end up with a boot that i know will last.
Either way, these are the beautiful boots in my meting pot of consideration.

Rick Owens Stag Boots.
Similar overall shape to Docs, but with fitted ankle sleeve and zip rather than laces. Feels a little sleeker. I used to find the creeper sole repulsive, but it is growing on me more and more each time i look.

Ann Demeulemeester Vitello Boots.
Laces are shifted to the back of the boot to give a sleek front. Again same overal shape as the Docs, but these would be tough to just slip on ad leave unlaced due to the corseted back detail.

Bottega Veneta Nero boots.
These are now last season, so i'm not even sur ei could find them anywhere. They are pretty much just a stylized Doc again with a creeper sole.

Original 10 hole docs.
I have 8 holes at the moment, but maybe another 2 could be fun? (PAUZ!)
I hate how they embosse the logo into the leather now though.
No thank you!

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