I just finished reading Blow By Blow.
I'm not sure how I feel about it.
On the one hand I am so glad to have learned more about one of the most inspiring characters in modern fashion history.
On the other, reading accounts of her multiple suicide attempts as told by her widower is kind of overwhelming and a little hard to digest if you have any sense of empathy.
I guess it was most saddening to see someone so brilliant constantly plagued by such uncertainty, and never really recieved the acknowledgement they felt they deserved. We all hope that with success comes confidence and security.
It's also upsetting to see that one of her protegees, whom she stood by, even when being disrespected, was to later fall to a similar fate.
It was also a little odd (to me at least) to hear so little about Daphne Guinness throughout Detmar Blow's recollections of life with his wife. Daphne now holds Isabella's entire collection of garments and accessories and is slowly working on how best to exhibit them so the world may experience all that Ms. Blow was passionate about.


  1. You might prefer my book, Isabella Blow: A Life in Fashion. I interviewed Daphne for it and it speaks much more about her working life in fashion.

  2. Fantastic!
    I will give it a try!