Another order from The World's End, and i am now in possession of some classic World's End Alien Trousers. A Westwood classic.
I haven't worn them out yet, because i wasn't sure how to wear them at all when i first got them, it's only after these photos were taken i now have a few ideas. Lots of Westwood deisgns are really versatile, in that you can wear them in multiple ways. It's really daunting at first, but soon becomes really fun.
These trousers have like a double waist band system so the inside band actually holds the trousers up, then there's a whole fake trouser front which is belted up tight around the real waistband to create a kind of "paper bag" trouser effect. The way you arrange the crumples of the waistband then determine how the various pleats and creases fall down the trouser front.
I really love how they look with loafers unrolled and untucked, but they'd get all shredded if i actually wore them out like that.
I also like them pin-rolled, but I've never been able to successfully pin-roll trouser fabric. It only ever seems to hold with denim or similar more rigid fabrics.

p.s. my posts have not really been as in depth, analytical or comparative as i would like lately, but I promise to get back on track soon.

p.p.s. the lady that looks after mail orders at The World's End is the most helpful and lovely person i have ever encountered. She even threw in a few Westwood postcards for me. :D


  1. I looooove Westwood, so jealous! I love the paper bag look. I agree she has such versatile garments.
    I have no idea what the world's end but that is lovely that you got some Westwood postcards.
    & I'm glad to see you back to drawing :D

  2. Thanksssszzzz!
    The Worlds End is the original Westwood store. It's on Kings Road somewhere.
    But, you can mail order through the Westwood website. It's great because they do all the Westwood classics!

  3. love these so much!
    i neeeeed more westwood!