Two weekends ago, I found this amazing Limi Feu jacket for 70% off at Assin on Oxford St (probably the best store in Sydney)
I've been craving some Limi ever since I visited her boutique in Daikanyama earlier this year, and I've always been really excited about the clothes people wear during dressage / equestrian sports, (hence my love for Degas) so the riding jacket shape is perfect!
(I am still to actually wear it out though)

( realizing VW Pirate Boots have bad angles....:(
Alternatively i need to learn how to werq!)


  1. j'adore!
    so good!

    plus your hand is super hypnotising, ahahaha!

  2. You are so lucky! I would kill to own something Limi, I love her name too :D
    You are so close to Yohji with that jacket (sort of), you know what I mean :P

  3. Dee, my hand is going to slap you!
    ahaha! not really :P

    Hiroko! Thanks!
    When i move to London I'll loan it to you sometime. I do understand what you mean. At least you have a Yohji shop in London, right?