P U N C H H E R G H O S T !

On both Sunday and Monday nights, I was lucky enough to venture to the Opera House to watch Antony and the Johnsons play along with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.
It was definitely one of the best experiences I have had in all my life.
I am completely in awe of what and who Antony is.
He is talented.
He is a witch.
He is the defintion of androgyny.
He did not wear ivenchy Couture though.
But here's a picture of how it would look if he had.

P.S. i am off to Tokyo in 3 days time. Ridiculous!


  1. Enjoy! You must show us your purchases after, because you don't go to Tokyo without making those must have purchases :P

  2. P.S I have selected you for a blog award passed unto me :D

  3. I had a blast!
    Thankyou. I bought less than i thought i would..but that's always the case, non.
    Wah? Award?
    You're super kind!