I felt as though it was time for me to upgrade on the spectacle front, so naturally, Googling Oliver Peoples felt like a good place to start....AND BOY, WAS IT!

Throughout high school i never had spectacles and was always terribly jealous of all the international students that would arrive at school after vacationing in Hong Kong with new pairs of clear framed glasses.
Then, after finding out a my personal hero, Andy Warhol had a pair, I knew i definitely needed some.
So, today, i found out that Oliver Peoples offers a pair in a kind of rounded Wayfarer shape called Sheldrake. And I, for one, think they are perfect! The product description on Peoples' site even notes Warhol as an influence to their design.

My attraction to transparency does not end here, no, no, no, dear!
My architectural idol Kazuyo Sejima has long explored transparency through her architecture and extends the idea to further exploring how the reflections of transparent surfaces can be used in order to distort what the viewer can see in turn creating a kind of abstract privacy, such as in the Toledo Glass Museum, whose curvy glass walls throw reflections of the outside park and interior activities onto eachother creating a distorted moasaic of colour and light.

The idea of transparency has also transferred into an obsession with fabrics that are less than opaque. Ideal for layering, they prove to add a lightness and a bi of a provocative edge without the need to bare any skin. It's something that i have toyed with quite extensively throughout my illustrations for the past year or more, and seems to be quite a predominant trend for S/S 10.

Back to Oliver Peoples...his 2010 campaign looks so amazing. It features Shirley Manson (of Garbage fame) and Elijah Wood (of Hobbit fame)
I never would have thought these two would work so well together, but it looks amazing, and their collective quirk is well in sync with Oliver Peoples' brand, in my opinion.
Here are a few preview pics from Peoples' site. Apparently there's a short movie that goes with them and should be released soon. I can't wait, it will be stunning!


  1. matthew, i have both my fingers crossed in hopes that you have purchased those spectacular glasses.

    p.s. since you mentioned those fashion illustration courses at ESMOD i cannot think about anything else.
    i am definitely going to go!

    p.s. when do you think we should go see the dior exhibit? faceboook me!


  2. Wtf! This might sound sooo weird but I had a dream last night that I was wearing a pair of clear framed glasses!

  3. i love the elijah+shirley for oliver peoples campaign pictures, somehow they work perfectly in a non-conventional way (the best sort of way to be perfect really!)

    those transparent frames are so sooo perfect for you!

    queen michelle of kingdom of style did a post on layering of sheer/transparent pieces a few days ago, which i think you may enjoy, http://kingdomofstyle.typepad.co.uk/my_weblog/2009/10/layer-cake.html

  4. I LOVELOVELOVE transparent things, so thumbs up to the glasses, get them get them!

  5. Caitlin, facebooked!

    Juan, that's amazing! you should get a pair too! do you wear specs?
    Mary Kate Olsen was in my dream last night, we kept complementing each other on our cardigans and climbing in and out of SUVs...it was pretty great too.

    Dee, i've never been to that blog before. She looked great in the last pic! Shirley and Elijah should totally get married!

    Lana, transparency is the future! i'm convinced!

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  7. http://www.moscot.com/Moscot_Originals-Miltzen-108.html

    These are more Warhol


    These are more appropriate for most that can't pull off a full round

  8. did Warhol do full round?
    i know David Hockney, who many equated as his British equivalent, did.
    But i have a very specific picture of Warhol in the 80s wearing basically the exact same specs as those Oliver Peoples' ones, in mind. It's in the Warhol Diaries.