Recently, while trying to find out more about my architectural idol, Kazuyo Sejima, i found an image of her chatting to a stylish, looking, Japanee hipster.
That evening, while perusing my issue of Vogue Hommes Japan, i noticed that the architecture section of that very magazine featured the same young gent. His name, Junya Ishigama. Upon doing a little research into what he does, i am completely awe struck.
For an exhibition in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo, titled "Space of Your Future", he created a piece titled "Cuboid Balloon". It was an aluminium box that weighed one tonne and wand was filled with enough helium so that it floated int the atrium of the gallery.
How does one even conceive of such an idea.
I know peers of my own would openly criticise the "waste of materials" or "excess stroed energy" or ridicule it as being plain "absurd. But i dare say, these people will not be making any bold contributions to any field. Mr Ishigama, on the other hand, is clearly a true visionary. I can not even put into words right now how excited I am by this project. I always feel that the most exciting works in design occur when visionaries encroach on other fields, in this instance, architect as site specific artist.
This is exactly what I think the world needs more of, and people need to celebrate it.
We really owe a lot to forward thinkers like Mr Ishigama for being willing to share their unique view on the world we live in and their ideas of how to use the resources available to us in ridicuously beautiful and inspiring ways.

May i also suggest that a gigantic floating aluminium box would make the perfect accompaniment to a Garteh Pugh runway show?

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