This is the best costume for today.

Last Thursday, i had the privilege of attending Sydney Fashion Week, with much thanks to my lovely accomplices, Briana and Amy. Well, actually started on Wednesday, with a lunch, a trip to the Museum of Contemporary Art to see Yayoi Kusama's exhibition again, a light lunch, a spot of shopping (i finally picked up an Akira sweater with plait and pleat details i've been longing for for a while) and then registering. I got a media pass, which basically gave access to everything.
I ended up getting a few gift bags and great, close spots at the shows i went to.
i also spotted a range of fashion editors, designers, models, celebrities and general cool cats including, the most note worthy, Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist). (i didn't get snapped though)
The shows i did get to see were:
Romance was Born, which was kind of under the sea themed show. very dreamy, with a harpist, merman, table full of nautical wonders and a bubble machine. The outfits were stunning and Roisin worthy, especially the lobster dress. There was also a stunning print fabric they had created that had oysters and an array of pastel coloured pearls littering dark navy silky fabric. It was truly stunning and appeared on blouses, skirts and a really beautiful little play suit too. It was nice to see a presentation that was so cohesive in set, location, collection and soundtrack. There was even a hoodie with sequined shoulder feathers which i NEED immediately. It really was a fantastic show...some even claiming the best of the season. (the breakfast they provided was also quite delicious...scones with jam and cream, blueberry and green tea juice and yoghurt with muesli)
The show reminded me quite a bit of Japanese label Dress Camp whose S/S09 collection, under the direction of Marjan Pejoski (of Bjork's swan dress fame), also had a nautical theme, though they were a little less literal.

The second show was Beat Poet. I thought this show would be right up my alley, and this was only confirmed once we entered the hall to see a large circular fluorescent tube hanging in front of a large sheer white curtain. Once the lights dimmed, the music started and a wall of bright white LED lights started flashing to the beat of the music behind the sheer curtains. The models all walked between the light wall and sheer curtain highlighting their silhouettes before strutting the ruway. The clothes themselves were VERY Dior Homme. Lots of darted jeans, collared shirts, sheer pull overs, very sharp. They even did an interpretation of the F/W o7/08 Dhotti pants (i think that's what everyone was calling them...right? Anyway, the ones they use for the campaign that season)
They showed my dream pair of jeans, skinny, but slightly stacked, a dark shade of purpley grey. Perfect! I couldn't get any good photos though, unfortunately.Here's a video of the show from For-Tomorrow.

The third show of the day was the Innovators Show, which showcases the up and coming designers graduating year from TAFE, namely Seema Pun, Christian Lines, Soeli Pedrozo and Rachel Sherwood.
The first designer was very sculptural,very technical and absolutely my favourite. The collection was really cohesive, but managed to deviate enough for every piece to be interesting.
The Second designer was a litte sportier, and the collecion kind of progressed from sleek sporty to darker pieces wih a sporty edge.
The third designer was notmy favourite, but i think it was due to some really casual menswear looks on some very built up models...i'm talking shorts and singlets. It just seemed really effortless compared to what the other designers showed (not in the i don't have to try to look cool way, more in the i am having a lazy day at home way) There was a great Pugh-esque cape as the closing piece though.
There was a fourth designer too, but the whole day was a bit of a fact, i'm surprised i didn't hyperventilate. for more pics of better qualiy and some backstage snaps clickity click!
Or for a clearer explanation, try The Vine.

Shiny Pantssss!

i loved this model

I wish I could have stayed to see more shows, and returned on Friday, but i had so much on this week, so this was a much appreciated escape! :)


  1. omg! MERMAN!!! the hoodie you speak of is soooo good! also i love the octopus hat thing.

    loving the clothes in the last show. very my cup of tea. ahah!

  2. some of the models were so gorgeous in the Innovators show.
    one of them looked like she wanted to beat everyone up everytime she got to the end of the runway, it was so intense.
    and one wouldn't walk in the middle of the runway, so the camera men would all start screaming at her!

  3. wow. she sounds like she should be my hero!!! i always try go for that look, but people just think i have a gross face. ahahahhaa.

  4. these runways are amazing.
    i am INLOVE with the octopus hat!

  5. the octopus hat was my favourite too!

  6. Romance was born - a touch of genius