As shallow as it may seem, i cannot deny the joy that surroundng myself with, or even observing other peoples' beautiful objects brings me.
This week young Ms Roitfield's pad proves to be littered with wonders, as displayed on one of my favourites, The Selby, this week.
Just as stunning are these illustrations by J.C.Leyendecker. They're a little homoerotic, at times, but a shoot was styled base don them in the latest VMan Magazine as pointed out by Style Salvage.
It apears there's a reemergence in appreciation of traditional masculinity brewing.

Mr Leyendecker's illustrations with all their angular braun are softened by at times by a slight art nouveau touch, a direct influence from his time spent studying in France in the early 20th century. A similar angular organicism exists in the works of the ever excentric Frank Lloyd Wright, an advocate for organic architecture, who i am desperately trying to learn more about. A bunch of wives, rumours of a murder and designs much ahead of his time. What more could you want?


  1. im so jealous of julia's things. especially her vogue stack, glass skull & that studded cuff! <3

    also, i wish i could live in the house in the last picture!
    and the interior with the lovely staircase and black/white contrast is so good!

  2. the glass skull is soooo amazing! i agree.
    playful and sinister.
    the last house had severe structural degradation and needed huge refurbishment...they're releasing a lego version though!