Marvelous Malevolence

Everything's become about the recession, and the growth in acceptance of subdued colour palettes (or exclusion of colour altogether) and harsh, borderline totalitarian design, occasionally veering into darker territories, borrowing from fetish subcultures has not been so apparent for decades.
Looking like Disney villain has never been more appropriate.
It's not that this outlook is a new one, in fact, you can directly pinpoint some of the influences that have fueled this movement:
  • The power suits of the 80s
  • the architecture of the Nazis and Communists circa WWII
  • Bauhaus Designs
It's about rationality, functionality and simplification of form.

It has left me wanting to find a blazer with the strongest shoulders, ensure my top button's always fastened and secured with a bow (black, of course) and stomp about town in some Johnny Boots while my skinny jeans rest neatly on their tops.
I want to live in an immaculate Bauhaus college, or call some Socialist relic my home, while sitting upright in my white walled room on some black leathered, metal framed creation from a time past.
The following collection of images is the mood board du jour of architectural creations, objects designed in the vain of, and clothing that encapsulates this majectially stern notion.

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